Far away

Far away
Originally uploaded by Arc-light.

by and by,
my and my,
mine and yours, ouch from everywhere
I swing with wild times and cry out with laughter and I sing out with danger and I play out everything before it happens my old my time, forget for light.

Forget by by
Quiet, nothing, salsa.

Dancing away with words unknown
thrown and belonging, forgetting, getting closer to the voice. hear it, here you are.
Can only find the way by faking it.

No come on you twit, it's by facing it.

Yeah right like a domo, king, right.

You forget your place sir.

Do you even know what trout is which. Talk to me when you've fired your mind.

Unbelievable to think it all began with a bang, more like a fart, you........

Wait silly outlaw, stampeding, into no mans land from places only seen by girlfriends and mistresses. The pressure it real.