The Sheens VS The Sutherlands

By Charles Merriweather

What we are dealing with in this scenario is a rivalry that can’t be determined by just gossip or films. This is a serious battle between family forces, involving many aspects that surely need to be scrutinized by a fine toothcomb. We shall start off by determining the basics; looks, conquests, and of course choices involving such dilemmas as arrest and loves.

Unless you are born into a family that has a father who to the populous is considered grand, you have no idea what kind of pressure is put on the son to become as or more illustrious then the father. Now the father failures of the old days and I am sure still today will begin an insidious amount of pressure on the child as soon as possible. Desiring them to become gods. Thus creating a robot of an offspring that will either slay the father or will never love, because they will never know what it is like to just play. And playing is when we all got hurt, and got up, and saw ourselves a little better.
The way Martin and Donald raised their children was with more sense and sensibility, then pride and prejudice.
They knew the pressure would come on its own, so why not have as much fun as you can with your kids.

Donald made a name for himself young, being rebellious and willing to travel the world to find the best teachers for his craft. The war films he was in as a younger man gave him a secure base as an actor, and working with many of the old greats, gave him honor. Hawkeye wasn’t just a name; the man has Don Juan written on his unique brow. He got to pillow talk with Jane Fonda for a few years, and I am sure it wasn’t all political, but the talks that were would make any rebel thinker proud. I think of Donald and I think of an old wise blacksmith, who could wield the sword that will slay the evil king,
And when you come and tell him the news, he would tell one hell of joke.

Martin was also getting himself into trouble for causes he believed in as a young man. The number of arrests the guy has is more then Downey Jr. Woody, and Sinatra combined. And he still looks like a mellow kind of guy. People want him to really become a politician and he always answers with humble answers. Which from Actors is a hard thing to do.
Known notably for the role of Captain Benjamin L. Willard in Apocalypse Now, which anyone who saw felt like the guy could get through anything, even though Martin almost died making it, it made his career. Now going back to school seems to be his next move. A gold star for you Martin, enjoy the reading and the writing. “That’s sound of a man working on a chain gang”.

The boys are back in town, Charlie was, is, and will probably always will be a wild thing. Growing up in Hollywood with a free pass to skip the boulevard of broken dreams and head right over to Malibu and the high life. Where being a hot shot with friends like Sean Penn, I can see all kinds of fun would have been had. So where did he get all that talent? I heard a story years ago that the chef at Sushi Nozawa in LA didn’t like him as an actor and that if Charlie came into the restaurant the chef would kick him out screaming, “No sushi for you!”

Now Keifer, I don’t care if he was a lost boy when he was younger. The man has intense tattooed on his face. And sure he’s gotten into trouble too; he could be in a fight right now for all I know. But you know what, I bet its for something righteous, or at least cool. I don’t care who you are, if you sit down and watch the first few episodes of 24 (any season) you will be pumped. He works his ass for you, and even if he looks scary as hell doing it. He won’t let you down, in Jack Bauer we trust, Tyler Durden can suck it.

For the greater part of my life I would have said that the Sutherlands are winners in this competition. Even having seen Badlands, I still feel they are truer in there work, and kinder in there lives. But something changed in me when I saw “Bobby”. And wouldn’t you know it The Mighty Emilio had done it. He put his heart and soul into that movie. He came out of nowhere and shined like the sun.

Who knows what’s in the future for to these two family’s, there are new porn stars out to pursue, new stories to tell, more awards ceremonies to try for, and world issues to fight for. But for now with the help of Emilio Estevez Sheen, we have a winner in this ridiculous competition

Coming Soon……
The Voights VS The Paltrows