Oh Yes

He got up early, and decided to try and sleep till 11:30, but his body could sleep no longer. After a shower, decisions needed to be made. One being what to do about the broken car situation, the other, what not to do about the broken car. The latter followed. A buddy is in a tight spot, a broken heart or something of that nature. He's got a car too, let's have him take us to the beach for some commiseration swimming. But first he goes to a group therapy session. There a girl sits next to him laughing at herself for being cute, seven minutes later she is crying about how nude pictures of her were posted on the net. Laughing it off came easy twenty minutes later. The heart break kid is into the beach idea, and so is his tattooed friend. She makes him feel better in times like this. Sexy tattooed chicks do that well. He swam most of the time, watching the two friends talk of sad depressing things on the sand. And later tried to impress her with strength, by running up a mountainous sand dune. After failing and vomiting for all to see. He tried to make a joke about it, they ignored it. Later the pool washed away his humiliation. He ate with his father that night. His father ate falafel, he ate chicken. At home he made a shitty watercolor of an elephant, made a fake film with his friend, then watched anime and ate tapioca pudding, which he loved both of very much. He is happy to finally be 27.