The more and more time goes by, the more I realize friends and family grow apart for the most mundane and stupid reason. It use to be that a conversation or just walking with someone was enjoyable and a good reason to see someone. People use too travel for days just to spend time with someone. But this day and age, the most you can hope for is an email or maybe a phone call for your birthday, even that could be asking a little much. I get why everyone is so ridiculously busy creating the best life they can. Who doesn't was what they want, and are willing to spend every waking moment in hot pursuit. The idea of seeing someone, presents itself with a mountain of obstacles ranging from distance to the expectation of "will anything amazing happen when i am with this person". This is the Century of Extremism, anything less is not worthy.

Tea time was sadly all used up folks. no more walks through the park with this generation. if you write a letter your an anomaly, if you ride a horse to the market your a ghost. What's to come might be a wonderful unknown, but don't forget the love of simple smiles and sunsets.