You: redvines or twizzlers
Stranger: Twizzlers
You: its never going to work
Stranger: Sorry
You: life i suppose
You: asl
Stranger: Is there anything I can do to redeem myself?
You: yes. do you know how to swim underwater for a long time with one breath
Stranger: How long are we talking here?
You: long enough to search for treasure in places with crystal blue water
You: and that isn't an inuendo
Stranger: Oh okay, glad you cleard that up for me.
You: lol
Stranger: Cause you never know on this site...
You: right. the amount of times i have had to question my own sexually idenity in the last 10 minutes if crazy
You: But back to the question
You: can you snorkle
Stranger: Not well.
You: i don't know Stranger. I just don't know
Stranger: So....the perfect relationship for you is someone who likes redvines (what the hell are those btw?) and can snorkle? You have high standards.
You: i didn't say perfect. but I think when determining the relationship at hand. we need to get some basics out of the way. Dont you have any questions you need answers to. ones that over the years have made friendships and sexual relationships easier to navigate..... Redvines are west coast twizzlers
You: and taste better
Stranger: Well before engaging in any form of sexual contact, I require my partner`s medical records. I just need to be sure with what I`m dealing with.
Stranger: good?
You: lol
You: I mean, that is a bold question to ask a lady or a gentlemen. I give you Kudos for being so forthright
Stranger: Well I mean, I`m in high demand, you know? I should have to settle. Just like you shouldn`t have to settle for someone who ain`t down with vines, or whatever.
Stranger: Shouldn`t I should say*
You: I feel like I should change my whole game plan now.
You: not like I am in high demand. but
You: whewwww
You: I am a little concerned with my tactics
Stranger: Well I mean, I would guess that the mentioning of candy and snorkling is an auto-turn-on for the ladies. Sounds like a good strategy to me.
You: yeah. but Stranger, if I started asking for bank statements and copies of old flirtatious emails. I might get better results
Stranger: Bank statements....never thought of that one. I just like to ask questions before sex you know?
You: and not like. what turns you on. but more lets see if we can really kill the romance questions
Stranger: Well, like one I ask often is: do you take cash or personal cheques?
You: LOL
You: thats funny
Stranger: Because most don`t want to get with the times and accept credit.
You: I just don't think they trust the banks right now
You: Economy and all
Stranger: Well that`s a good point.
You: good luck with all your future demands High or Low. I am going to be late to this AA meeting.
Stranger: See ya stranger
You: you too You