New Years Eve 2008

First I went to the Vogue party to see a burlesque show in which I didn't know a soul, I laughed out loud with a girl from Chile, and danced to music I will never hear again. Then I took a train to downtown, I knew i didn't have a chance in hell finding this girl. I have heard stories that she bounces from loft to lofts like a spiderman who parties. I met her years ago, and it made the kind of impression that leaves a man hopeless in the shower for hours. If this night was as charmed as I believed it to be, I knew I would stumble upon her and tell her how nervous kismet moments I wanted with her. I started at this club in this alley behind this bar outside of the limits around smell and shouting. She wasn't there, but I got a tip on a party on the roof of her friends building. Leads are really all you need in this world to have a positive outlook on things, not like imagination which is all kinds of trouble. I get to the roof, and she is swimming topless in the pool with one of those what do you call it? I don't have the courage to tell her anything, So I ask her what her resolution is. "Learn how to swim" is her reply. I am impressed, but don't show it. The car ride to the beach was a symbol of pure cliched car dancing, and bad jokes, with good breath. No kisses yet, it's not nearly close to midnight yet. My watch says 11:15 when we pull up in front of the one house I just can't believe I have been taken too. I know this house like a stalker, and yet don't feel guilty or ashamed of that statement. Poetry is the only thing keeping me walking to the front door with this group of wild like the night woman, and Jerome the trusted driver with the cool shirt. I can not tell you how invited I wanted to be to this party, and though I was walking through the doors I still couldn't believe what luck I was having this night. A long time ago I had a fantasy in this house, I still have not been able to shake it. So now here with the woman I told you earlier impressed me, looking for the family I once knew when knowing people mattered. I give up, the party is off the chain,hook,cuff, I mean not only is there a hot tub, the girls inside it are fully clothed, the disco ball is in the kitchen, and my old friends act like I have been dancing with them since always and forever. My dangerous new girlfriend and are waiting for midnight, so we can finally kiss and and anaconda momma be bo fone homa. Before the dreaded moment of truce, she whispers in my ear. I couldn't hear it because her tongue was licking my lobe. Next stopped at some store, they kicked us out when one of the girls pretended to be birthing cantalopes from the top of a latter left out by the stock boys, letting them smash on the floor and screaming out random baby names. I can tell the group is getting tired, so we end up back downtown in a loft. I don't want to stay, I want to go home, I wait for her to fall asleep and leave a note in her shoe. It say's "I stayed home and watched a webcam positioned on the bow of a cruise ship headed for the Antarctic that would update itself once every minute".
Like So