Save The World

I try and plug my headphones into my head.
I just wanted to talk about something I have already forgotten.
It was something that was going to help someone though.

Save The World.

The world needs saving?

You really are not going to start with that perception crap again, about how if a hundred monkeys believe the world is going to hell, then its true.

What, no. Saving the world has nothing to do with believing the world is sick or dying or something.

Right, but everything dies right?

No, I mean, the injustice,

Justice, right. More like JUST IS. That’s what my shoe company slogan will be. JUST IS.

What kind of shoe?

Chinese made. Japanese design. American worn.

Dormant intentions are like ideas that should not have been thought. Very time consuming, unbearably unimportant.

A Sailors mouth is good for two things. Describing sexual content and the sea.

The day was crap, and yet we decided to leave anyway. Because every time we stop somewhere we immediately begin the hourglass of when we are all saying, “we got to get out of this town”. Sometimes for good reason, but mostly because we think the next place will have sex waiting on it’s door steps. So the day was crap. Rain coming, wind going the wrong way, swells like a washer machine. We mean to go surfing in some spot this local in Halifax told me about. I don’t know how to surf, but I try anyway. Really trying to get distance is our main concern and we are sucking at it. But the day is crap, and we will be doing nobody any good if we try sail through it. So we find a place for the night. On the way I see something. Something I have seen many time’s, and have always appreciated. But this time it was different, like I was struck by the absurdity of it. A bird off the bow about 100 yards dove from lets say 30 feet above into this cold black ocean water. Splash. That’s it, and I am a big fan of jumping off things people jump off of into water. The feeling is what gets me to do it, or the story. But this bird does it to live. Smaller then me, flies in the sky, but also dives into a cold ocean from time to time. I didn’t feel what it must have felt like for that bird to do that. Flying in its shoes so to speak. But I did, as plain as a grey rainy day, feel gratitude. Complete.