.Inland Empire

photo by hinius.

I knew this film was going to be another strange walk through the mind if its maker David Lynch. But I had no idea that it would also bring out emotions that I didn’t even know I had. I remember a couple years ago downloading a series of short films made by David, and watching them with a friend in the middle of the night. Thus resulting in putting the two of us in a kind of Lynch hole. Which just like the K-hole makes your face feel like it’s melting off. However seeing the shorts being used in the recent highly acclaimed film Inland Empire, it gave me a sense of union toward it. All in all I really enjoyed it, and admired the radical way David paints an abstract painting out of every scene. And unlike most abstract painters of film, who you can only keep my attention of their work for minutes, I was blown away by 3 hours of continually awaiting to see what’s next. I am also hearing about a cult following already starting for this film. I have even met a few of the yay-sayer’s, and when I ask them what they think. They respond by saying words like genius and perfect, then I ask what they think it means, they just keep repeating the words genius and perfect, and them comment on how amazing Laura Dern is. And yes from a long time hater of her, I did think she an amazing job. You know a film is good when you walk out of the theater and sit with the girl you brought, mumbling and saying things like “ so are you going to be ok, I am mean, am I ok, what the hell just happened. Is it ok if we just sit here and not talk for a bit”. But you know when a film is great, when you walk out of the theater and look at the girl you brought, then just turn away and walk home, leaving your car in the parking garage. Rare I know, but does happen.
David did this movie on his own, no Hollywood, he spent a lot of years getting it made the way he wanted. And for all its worth I can truly appreciate it, and love how it changed my perception of films and life for a few hours. However I will not say he’s a genius, and I will not say this movie is monumental. Mental yes, and the acting, Jesus, not just Laura Dern but everyone. I mean you can go watch that piece of shit Eragon and see Jeremy Irons be amazing,
If you see him in Inland, you will see what a real director can get his actor to do. The interpretations of what this film means will go on for years. So you might as well go see it for yourself.
But if you don’t you can always go get into some Transcendental Meditation, TM for short. It’s the rage in Los Angeles at the moment.