Mini Manifesto #3

I can still hear the birds, they have not been silenced.

The music
The friends
The cars driving by, they do not silence birds, they do not silence life. of all the pain in pacifism, and all the false hope in the finite.
Life is never ending.
Who is right?
Who is happy?
When does efficiency become deadly.
When does youth become more important then children.

Inform Entertain
this is the circle of life this is what keeps man fulfilled.
all of which dies when man dies. The wealth outside of oneself is used
to be an example of the importance of the time we have in life.
The wealth inside of oneself is used as an example of the unimportance of time.

Detachment is the new addiction of the masses. thank you MTV & Religion.

Nothing is cool anymore
Nothing is sacred

Fads are measured by illusions of fame and fortune.
Beauty is featured rather then felt.

Stories of hope have become placid,
that’s what happens when everyone has what they want.

Education Information Entertainment

One day I will import love, and export understanding.
Still nostalgic, try syncing drugs.

Traveling is just as dangerous as staying at home.
Telling the truth about everything is making more sense.

How much is it to buy money, lots of money.

Teaching someone how to have sex is about the stupidest
thing I’ve ever heard.
Freedom isn’t free, is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

We play with the maze of our minds like we could actually find a way out.