Whats Interesting

The amount of writing out there is infinite. And there is something for someone. why should their be a sense of shame, when i myself do not read what someone else may find very important, maybe even something they feel is dearest to there heart.
I cannot say why somethings pop out at me. maybe because I feel a similar voice in them as i do myself. Or maybe at that moment i could read anything and it be prolific.
All I know is that as much as I would like to think the best writers are the ones that are unique, that might not be the case. In fact I feel that the best writers are stories tellers who love to tell a story. Even when it comes to journalists, non-fiction writers, and critiques. If they love the way they are telling us the readers about what there writing, it makes it great.
I think this is why the best writers have spent so much time making sure they give everything over to the words. They really just give everything thing they got.