So i heard that the Comic Preacher is being made into an HBO series, headed by Mark Steven Johnson. Now of late Comic movies are money makers, but what of the last 4 years has really been truly good.
Who cares really, I mean i will when i am at the theater, the fact is the best ones are copy's, just copy the comic, and it will be great. Don't pull a Brett Ratner and kill everyone rewriting what marvel has spent decades on creating*spoiler* for x-men3. But this post has more to do with the line i have been hearing my whole life. About how grown men have lost there childhood baseball cards and comic books.
It came to my attention when i was at my mothers for Thanksgiving and was in the attic looking for my old comics. you know the ones that are worth hundreds now. Well it seems that a box is missing, disappeared, lost, etc. and now i am of that giant list of people who thought they could cash in one day by saving there childhood memories and collectibles in a box.
I wonder where they go. maybe the same place the missing socks go.
When i said good bye to my family before traveling back home. My grandmother who is going blind, came up to me and when she hugged and kissed me goodbye, I could tell she was looking at me with the intent to have a picture in her mind, so when her vision leaves. she can remember me.

C'est la vie