The 50 Year Revolutions

Charcoal Eyes
When think of the youth today, and the lack of revolutionary spirit. Its seems pretty justified considering the state of things.
Its interesting to me though how so many people believe that these days are so much different the other times as the Elders say.
You ask anyone who was alive and well during the 60's and they will tell you I quote "Those were different times". Thus implying that these days are opposing those, that these times do not compare in the eyes of people who witnessed a truer form of revolution.
I am not saying I think the 60's were not as important as they were. All I am saying is look at history, and don't be too hasty to judge the youth of today. I believe we are on a verge of history repeating itself. And though it doesn't seem like this on TV, it will soon become very apparent to those who are not slaves to there daily TV inspired routines.
If you look back every fifty years or so, there is a cultural and extreme change in consciousness.

The 1960's "American civil rights movement, feminism, gay rights, revolutions around the globe"
The 1910's "The Great War, theory of general relativity, revolutions around the globe"
The 1860's "American Civil War, The samurai class fails to survive, Abraham Lincoln is assassinated"
The 1810's "End of the Napoleonic Wars, The War of 1812, protesting against machines perceived as taking human jobs"
The 1760's "The Seven Years' War, unrest begins to make itself felt in Britain's American colonies"
and so on.....

As we come upon the 2010's with War, environmental issues, God vs Democracies, Medicated Youth, and the Great Age of Information. As much as I think it will surprise me to see in the next decade changes that rival those of the past. Which with the inflation of what counts as major in the news today, might turn out to be something to fathomable to even imagine on a lonely blog.