So I have not eaten any food for the last day and a half. At this time my mind seems to be ok, my body however does not seem to be coping that well. My jaw every 10 minutes or so begins to clench, and thought my stomach has hunger pangs, its not unbearable. The reason I am doing this is not because I have no money, which I don't, and not because I am trying to fast. But because I m reading this book called Wind Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami. In which the main character at one point decides to go do some proper thinking about his life. He decides a well down the alley from his house is the best place to do the deep pondering. He ends up having this teenage girl from the neighborhood prove a point on him, and pulls up the rope ladder down the well. Leaving him down there for a couple days, without food, thus brings me back to me. When I am really affected by a story I somehow think the only thing to do is reenact it in my own life. And since I don't know were a well is, I decided to starve myself for a bit.