Actors Auditioning

When is something at the right moment to be pursued. I know for a fact that if you can clear your mind and heart of everything. you will be able to see clearly, this implies to everything.
But for today's idea I want to say that for an actor. The ability to meditate is extremely important. Now everyone calls it what they want. There are 600$ a month classes here in L.A. that say they are teaching acting, when really they are teaching a simple set of meditation tools. And for the purpose of being authentic, because that is what I or any other actor is trying to be.
Yesterday I went on a call back for the part of an Artist. Were I had no sides, no real direction on the first audition. So my mind was left to wonder, and my chest to feel the fear of the unknown and desire. Thus making the waiting in the cattle room a pretty scary place to be. So I tried to clear my thoughts and focus on my breath. By the time I got called in I was still scared as hell, but not about not knowing what to do, that's just going to come out no matter what.
Which in my opinion it came out a little weak. The point is when I walked out I felt I was clear, until the thoughts of what I should have said, what I could have done come pouring into my mind. And then all I can do is smoke a cigarette, and go see a shitty movie with Hillary Swank in a back dress.