iTunes Test

if you want a way to find out about a person, ie a new friend, someone you just started dating, etc.
Heres is what i call the iTunes Test.
you need to be alone with there computer, possibly when there are in the bathroom or kitchen.
Get on there computer, go to there iTunes, and check and see what there Most Played Songs are.
It is under the play count bar.
now if there count has more plays for jimmy buffet then lets say jimmy hendrix. you know you have a problem right
otherwise go with your gut.
If you are already locked into the friendship or relationship, you can still always make fun of them.

As for me i just re-booted my iTunes, "can't let people really know me".

here is my list as of late.
Mardy Bum Arctic Monkeys 4
Nitin Sawhney - Homelands 2
Track 13 David Foreman 2
New Year's Prayer Jeff Buckley 2
El Desierto Lhasa De Sela 2
Travelogue Mr. Scruff 2
Track 04 Noah's Mix 2
Too Young Phoenix 2
Poo Poo Poo Platter Space Ghost 2
Playground Love Air 1